Aaron Zimmerman, Piano, Guitar and Composition teacher

Aaron Zimmerman

Piano, Composition, Guitar

Aaron has always been in love with music. He has played with marching bands, orchestras, jazz bands, choirs, rock bands, and numerous chamber ensembles. He has been playing piano for over twenty years, and guitar for over ten. He has performed extensively, organized concerts, arranged music for full orchestra, composed dozens of original works, and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Aaron received a Masters degree in Composition from The University Of Missouri at Kansas City while studying piano with Jane Solose and Michael Pagan and composition with Chen Yi, James Mobberley, and many others. He also holds a bachelor's degree in Composition from Bowling Green State University where he studied piano with Maxim Mogilevsky, guitar with Chris Buzzelli, and composition with Elanie Lillios and Burton Beerman.